Book Release Announcement

I am happy to announce that my book is now available on and other online retailers! I think the subject matter of the book represents a pretty important paradigm shift for faith.  If you are interested in serious discussions of faith, or just like supporting indie authors, please read on:

Pre-Sale Purchases:  From now until March 23 is the critical pre-sale period: Amazon will deliver all of the orders it receives when the pre-sale period is over. Amazon tests the marketplace during that period to determine how many copies to keep in stock.  If enough sales are made, they will stock up and the book will be listed in the future as, “in stock, ships in one day,” rather than, “temporarily out of stock, ships in two weeks,” which might discourage some people from buying it.  Also, all sales in that period are treated as occurring on the day they are shipped, so it is my best opportunity to make a religious bestseller list (the chances are nonetheless very small). 

Reviews: Reviews (positive, of course) on Amazon and, God willing, newspapers and journals, are absolutely critical.  Reviews give people the confidence to buy a book and help the book appear higher in searches. Please consider posting a review.  It would really help!

Buzz: And, of course, please talk it up. If you know someone who might be interested, please let them know where to find the book - especially scientifically-minded people of faith.  Be warned; it may not appeal to those who have (and are lucky to have) an unquestioning faith.  As the subtitle implies, it is a hard-minded look at the claims of faith and not every one of them survives the scrutiny.  It is geared more toward people who are, on some level, disappointed with organized religion and the current level of discussion of religion but who are still looking.

Profits:  I am not going to get rich by your efforts.  The price is set by Amazon and I will make about one dollar from the sale of each print book. It would have to break records just to recoup my cost. This was a labor of love.

I hope you like it!